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As your telephone vendor, Z-Com wants to make sure that you have the best equipment on the market. We´ve searched high and low for many years, testing and installing hundreds of systems and speaking with each client in detail about what is expected from a phone system. Time after time, the system that matches up with those expectations the best is the Avaya IP Office.

Avaya IP Office does the four things that every business wants and needs to be successful:

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1. Saves money
2. Saves time
3. Improves business status
4. Improves office appearance

Every business needs to save money and Avaya IP Office does this for you by holding the highest reliability rating in the industry. This helps insure that there will be no important phone calls missed and the need for an extensive amount of servicing for years to come is eliminated. Fully capable of handling traditional, Digital, or VOIP carrier services, you can rest assured that your office will be ready for anything that the future may bring; be it growth of your business or evolving technology. Every system comes standard with voice mail, giving you the ability to use several features such as Message Notification. This ever popular feature contacts users whenever they receive voice messages so that calls are returned promptly and clients are happy.

Time is money in business, therefore saving time can be just as important as saving money. Each Avaya IP Office telephone comes with an integrated LCD window and navigation cluster that guides users through operation, saving an uncalculated amount of time when it comes to training new employees. With voice mail enabled on to your Avaya IP Office phone system, your business has the option of using an automated attendant. With this feature, your voice mail has the capability of actually answering calls and directing them to the appropriate designation. With digital services provided by your carrier, we can set up mobile twinning which links a desk to a cell phone number and enables the ability to transfer the call back and forth between the two. These features are just a few ways that we can merge your mobile and on-site technology, making your team more productive and leaving them with more time to perform their tasks.

By keeping your office up to date with the latest communications technology, the status of your company can be improved by a great measure. Avaya has the best meantime between failure rating in the telecom industry. This means that your system should never cause your customer to hear you say, "I´m sorry, we're having phone problems". Z-Com Telecommunications also helps ensure this by providing the most immediate service possible in the event that something happens.

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Finally, like it or not, clients care about the appearance of your office. Now we are not interior decorators by any stretch of the imagination. However, we can offer you most the esthetically pleasing telephone sets on the market. Just take a look at the options Avaya gives you with the IP Office system and decide for yourself how pleasing their appearance is.

With Z-Com Telecommunications in your back pocket, and an Avaya IP Office phone on your desk, your business will definitely have a formula of success. Companies that save money and time, and work to improve their status and appearance have the resources and reputation necessary to stay in the market for years to come. Contact Z-Com right away to get your business headed in the right direction.